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Kountry Kuts Grooming Services

Kountry Kuts offers exceptional quality and care for your pet. Whether your fur baby could use a nail trimming, bath or full grooming services, we have a variety of prices to accommodate your dog’s needs.

Grooming Services & Rates

Boarding Pick Up

Basic Bath (Bath Only) $15
Nails $5
Ear Cleaning $5
Medicated Shampoo $5
Anal Glands Expressed $5
Flea Shampoo $5

Basic Bath

Basic Bath and Brush Out starting at $30

(includes bath, brush, grinding of nails, ears cleaned, and anal glands expressed)

Medicated Shampoo $5
Flea Shampoo $5
De-matting $10/hour


This is a special treatment to help get all that unwanted and excess hair out of your dog’s coat.

Basic Bath +$15

Light Trim Up

Light Trim Up starting at $40

(includes everything in “Basic Bath” in addition to a light trim on paws, rear, and privates)

All Over Cut

SMALL DOGS starting at $50
MEDIUM DOGS starting at $60
LARGE DOGS starting at $65
XL DOGS starting at $70

(includes everything in “Basic Bath” in addition to a full body haircut)

Puppy Services

First Bath (8-12 weeks) $15
First Bath (12 weeks – 6 months) $20

(includes a bath, grinding of nails, brush, and ears cleaned)

First Cut (8 weeks – 6 months) $30

(includes “Puppies First Bath” as well as a light trim)

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